Week 10

Q 16.

A)  Again this week we had to deal with google Analytics.  As we were given the values that had to be inserted it was just a matter of us selecting the correct choices for the segment.  For the first part of this task we had to find results regrading visitors from town/city called Belfast using Internet Explorer.  This is what my request looked like:

Now that i have entered those above details, I chose to test segment to make sure it was working.  Below are the results that i received:

From the results above you can see that 106 people viewed from Belfast and also 130 people viewed using internet explorer.  Even though this was the case, only 43 people viewed from Belfast whilst using internet explorer.  So these 43 people matched exactly.

The following screen shot will show how the criteria i entered matched to the total visits to the website:


For the next part of the practical we had to do the same thing as in the first part but only this time we we had to change the criteria of the search to whatever we wanted.  As this was the case i changed it to people using mobile and using iPhone or Android.  The reason i chose this criteria was because i was curious to see how many people would have viewed it using mobiles seeing as it is become more and more popular for people to view the internet via this method.  Below is the image of the criteria i used:

Here are the results that came from the above criteria.  According to these results iPhone was the more popular operating system compared to android.  Below is the results that was presented with:

The above image shows that 8 Visits matched my criteria exactly out of 11 people altogether who visited the site using this criteria.  This is more than likely to be via the use of the iPhone operating system.  Below is an image showing more information regarding the above criteria:


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