Week 8

This idea that Randox have came up regarding the online health screening in essence is a great idea.  However, i do feel that there are a few potential problems and also some downsides by offering this type of service.  First of all, the business would of had to get the system set up initially which would have been both very time consuming and also costly.  Another factor regarding this service would be that a  blood management system would also have to be set up in order to control all of the samples that they would be received.  This would probably be one of the most important sections of this service as it would be essential that the right blood is recorded with the correct person.  Any problems within this section could result in a person receiving results about someone else’s blood.

A face to face meeting is essential in my opinion for this kind of service.   This would help to prevent any risk of mix ups with the bloods.  This would be costly to the business as they would have to pay for staff to attend these meetings.  Even with the advancements in internet technology i still feel that the only way for this kind of service to work efficiently is to arrange face to face meetings as there would be no other of sending it to Randox.

The fact that Randox advertise Health Clinics and also home visits on their website shows that they also feel that meeting in person is essential for this service to work well.  The staff of Randox would want to help the people getting the health checks as much as possible and would want them to feel as comfortable as possible.

To conclude, the way that Randox are currently carrying out this service, in my opinion, is the best way in which to do so.  If they’re was to be a more efficient way of doing so then they would have put it into practice by now.

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