Week 7


In order to complete this weeks blog entry i first of all used www.google.com in order to gather the information I was looking for.  I first of all typed the word “game” into google, the website i am concentrating on, www.game.co.uk was top of the list of results.  When I typed game into Google the top two results referred to game.co.uk.  This would be extremely beneficial to the company as this shows that their business is easy to find for returning or potential customers.  Next, I typed in a few of the products that Game would sell on their website.  I wasn’t expecting the results to come back quite so high as the previous, as the products they sell are often manufactured by other companies.  I typed in the phrase, “playstation 3”, results from the game.co.uk website did not appear until page 15 of google.  This was expected as a large number of articles, reviews and also a large number of other business’ worldwide would sell this product.  The next item I typed in google was Fifa 11 as I know that Game sell this product on their website.  Result for this were displayed on the fifth page of google.  I didn’t expect for this product to be as high as this as, like the playstation 3, a lot of other references to this product would be present on the internet.  The third and final product/service related to game that i entered into google was the phrase, “games console”.  I expected this to have a very high return within the google results as the phrase contained the name of the business as well as a product that they sold.  This phrase returned fourth in the list of google results.  To conclude, i believe that most people who would be looking for the business would type in the word game into google in order to be directed to the right place, from my results in shows that game is very easily found if this word is used.  The only recommendations i would have regarding searching for game.co.uk would be to improve the key phrases used within the website in order for certain results to appear nearer the beginning of the results in google.

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