Week 6


Online tools and techniques (If any) Recommendations for improvement (if Any)
Operational The game.co.uk website have a very good help section in which the customer can input a question in order for the website to give them an answer.  This would be useful if the customer needed an answer there and then. I cant seem to find an FAQ section within the website.  From personal experience i always found this usfeul and feel it would be good to have within this website.
Analytical Once you have logged into the game website the site can then suggest certain games or products to you.  For example, if you bought an online game, they would suggest a headset to speak online.  I find this a very usfeul feature. Like other websites, i feel that game should show customers, “people who bought this item also bought this….”.  This would be good as customers may not realise these other items are available to them.
Collaborative Game deal with loyalty cards in order to try and encourage their customers to spend more.  The more money they spend the more points they would get put onto their loyalty card for future use. An improvement that i would make would be to put a two way communication into place at all times, allowing for the customer to have assistance at all times.


The game.co.uk are constantly having sales or special offers.  This is an attempt to try and retain customers as best as they can.  They feel that if they offer products at the best possible price then people will want to return back to their website to take full advantage of these offers.  Another way in which game attempt to try and encourage people to come back to the website is to offer points for loyalty card holders.  They will often give these people specials offers that other ordinary customers would not get.  The game customers would keep returning as these offers would benefit them meaning the relationship between the customer and the business would improve.

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