Week 4

Q7.  After looking at game.co.uk’s terms and conditions i was able to gain information regarding their returns policy.  After reading the return policy i felt that it was very reasonable and i was familiar with some of their rulings as i have had to return products to game in the past.  The returns policy states that “All products must be returned with the original packaging.  Products should be posted in appropriate protective packaging.”  I feel this is fair as once the product is returned it would be sold on to another customer.  Another point made within the returns policy is that, “All products should be returned within 14 days of you cancelling your order. Until such time as they are returned to Us, you must retain possession of the items and take reasonable care of them.”  This again I feel is a very good call as it would be totally unfair to return an item in bad condition compared to what you received it and expect for it to adhere to the companies returns policy.  This returns policy is quite similar to other business’ like game.  For example, play.com states that returns should be taken place within 7 working days.

Q8.  After attending the lecture and learning more about such things as the social media, i feel it could be used to benefit Game.co.uk. I believe this is the case as the company could use social media’s such as facebook or twitter.  I stated in a previous blog entry that facebook had over 500 million users that Game.co.uk could potentially advertise to.  This could in return dramatically increase sales for the business if even a small percentage of these people were to go and visit the website.

Q9.   Cookies are, “Internet cookies are small pieces of information in text format that are downloaded to your computer when you visit many Web sites”.  The game website would use Cookies in some cases within their website.  They would use them in order to store shopping basket information.  The website would store anything you have added to your basket in previous visits to the website.  Game.co.uk would also use cookies to store details about the customer, details such as contact details and bank details for transactions to take place.  Cookies make using the game website easier for the customer during their visits.

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