Week 3

Q4.  In order to find out inforamtion regarding www.game.co.uk some of teh provided websites were used to gain some statistics regarding my chosen website.  These sites would provide me with inforamtion such as what were the most popular entries to search engines in order to find game.co.uk.  www.alexa.com was used to find out that the most popular search entry input to find game.co.uk was the word “game”.  This was to be the most popular entry with 51.31%.  I was also able to find from www.attentionmeter.com that game.co.uk had 31,407 unique visitors which was a rise of 7.45% from last month.

Alexa.com was also used in order to compare some of game.co.uk’s potential competitors.  This was able to show me how game.co.uk’s monthly visitor count compared to that of other similar websites.  The information has been shown in the following link..

Q5.  As game carry a number of sales via the internet it is important that they have a system in place that can cope with the orders made.  Once the browser has reached the game website they can then choose the category they wish to purchase from, once they have selected this they will then have the chance to “add to basket”.  This will then mean that they have chosen this item to buy.  The customer can then view their basket in order to complete the transaction.  The customer will the be taken to a “checkout” .  You will then be given the choice to log in or to create a new account.  These accounts will usually hold payment details of the customer.  These details will be stored in a database so they will be remembered for future use.  Here is an image of the game checkout..

Q6.  In my opinion i feel that the use of mobile technology could make a big difference in the future regrading sales for game.co.uk.  This is the case as these sales can occur from outside of the home, uni or workplace.  The use of mobile devices will mean that sales can take place from places they usually wouldn’t.  This is appealing to potential customers and will attract them to make a purchase using this technology.

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