Week 2

Q1: www.game.co.uk provides people with the opportunity to view their website in order see their wide range of games and other gaming items.  Game is one of the most popular business’ of its type as it just concentrates on selling everything to do with gaming, hence the company name.  Not only does game sell items online but they also have stores nationwide. 

Game cover all of the main games concoles therefore they are able to provide products to an extremely large number of customers.

Q2. In the year 2007 Game had around 4000 staff members in the uk.  These are staff memebrs who would work in the game stores as well as working for the online sales.  As there are so many stores located nationwide it is essential for the business to have a large work force employed.

Group turnover for the 52 weeks to 31 January 2007 increased by 24% to £801m (2006:£645m) with lfl sales up by 16%.  In 2009 game recorded revenue of £1,971.9 million worldwide.  This shows the huge increase that the business have experienced between these years.

Group operating profit was £33.0m (2006: £8.2m). International operating profits more than trebled to £6.1m (2006: £1.8m). Online operating profits more than doubled from £0.7m to £1.5m. Profit before tax was £29.5m (2006: £5.4m) and earnings per share were 6.25p (2006: 0.81p).  These figures show that there was a dramatic increase between 2006 & 2007.

These stats have been taken from the following game business document.  Game buiness details & Game wikipedia.

Q3.  Game deal with sales via both the web and also in their stores.  This means that overall they have a better chance of making money, but they will also have more expenses to cover such as staff and sales premises.  As game are also internet based this gives them a better opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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