Week 10

Q 16.

A)  Again this week we had to deal with google Analytics.  As we were given the values that had to be inserted it was just a matter of us selecting the correct choices for the segment.  For the first part of this task we had to find results regrading visitors from town/city called Belfast using Internet Explorer.  This is what my request looked like:

Now that i have entered those above details, I chose to test segment to make sure it was working.  Below are the results that i received:

From the results above you can see that 106 people viewed from Belfast and also 130 people viewed using internet explorer.  Even though this was the case, only 43 people viewed from Belfast whilst using internet explorer.  So these 43 people matched exactly.

The following screen shot will show how the criteria i entered matched to the total visits to the website:


For the next part of the practical we had to do the same thing as in the first part but only this time we we had to change the criteria of the search to whatever we wanted.  As this was the case i changed it to people using mobile and using iPhone or Android.  The reason i chose this criteria was because i was curious to see how many people would have viewed it using mobiles seeing as it is become more and more popular for people to view the internet via this method.  Below is the image of the criteria i used:

Here are the results that came from the above criteria.  According to these results iPhone was the more popular operating system compared to android.  Below is the results that was presented with:

The above image shows that 8 Visits matched my criteria exactly out of 11 people altogether who visited the site using this criteria.  This is more than likely to be via the use of the iPhone operating system.  Below is an image showing more information regarding the above criteria:


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Week 9


A.)  How many visitors to the site in the last 5 months (assume 15 June 2010 – 15 November 2010)?

From looking at the result from Google analytics i can see that between the 15/6/2010 – 15/11/2010 there were 929 visitors to the site.

B.)  Answer all three questions. What is meant by bounce rate? What is the bounce rate for the TRAIL site in the last 5 months? Should the website try to lower or raise the bounce rate?

Bounce rate  is a term used in  web site traffic analysis. This phrase is used to represent the percentage of initial visitors to a website who would then “bounce” away to a different site, rather than staying on their initial website.  The bounce rate for the trail website in the past 5 months is 67.81%.  It would be in the websites best interest to try and lower the bounce rate for their website.  This would then show them that the people who view their website initially are staying on the site and viewing other pages within the site.

c) In the last 5 months, where are most visitors coming from: Direct Traffic, Referring Sites or Search Engines?

Most visitors to the site in the last 5 months have came from search engines.  Google analytics states that 518 (55.76%) of the total visitors have used search engines in order to find the site.

d) What was the most popular key word (or phrase) that visitors typed that brought them to the TRAIL web site in the last 5 months?

The most popular key phrase used during the past 5 months in  order to try and find the trail website was, “Trail living lab”.  61 (11.78% of all visits) visits occurred after this phrase was used within search engines.

e) A referring site is a site that brings visitors to the web site. In the last 5 months, which site (that is not a university of ulster web site) is the largest referrer?

Brain-project.org was the largest referring website that was not a UUJ site.  brain-project.org referred 31 visitors to the Trail website.

f) What is the sixth most popular country of origin of visitors for the site in the last 5 months?

Belgium was the sixth most popular country of origin to visit the trail website in the last 5 months.  Belgium supplied 17 visitors to the Trail website.

g) How many mobile visits were there to the site in the last 5 months?

In the last 5 months there have been 11 visits from mobile devices.  These mobile devices included iPhone’s, Android, iPad’s and iPod’s.  The use of the iPhone was the most popular method of viewing the website from a mobile device.

h)  From looking at the graph is was given, I believe that it is displaying how many times people came back to view the trail website.  For example, it says that 81.16% (754 poeple) only viewed the trail website once.  Trail could then look at this type of graph to see how many visitors they have who are returning/not returning.  From this they could then consider improving their website in order to try and make visitors want to return in the future.

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Week 8

This idea that Randox have came up regarding the online health screening in essence is a great idea.  However, i do feel that there are a few potential problems and also some downsides by offering this type of service.  First of all, the business would of had to get the system set up initially which would have been both very time consuming and also costly.  Another factor regarding this service would be that a  blood management system would also have to be set up in order to control all of the samples that they would be received.  This would probably be one of the most important sections of this service as it would be essential that the right blood is recorded with the correct person.  Any problems within this section could result in a person receiving results about someone else’s blood.

A face to face meeting is essential in my opinion for this kind of service.   This would help to prevent any risk of mix ups with the bloods.  This would be costly to the business as they would have to pay for staff to attend these meetings.  Even with the advancements in internet technology i still feel that the only way for this kind of service to work efficiently is to arrange face to face meetings as there would be no other of sending it to Randox.

The fact that Randox advertise Health Clinics and also home visits on their website shows that they also feel that meeting in person is essential for this service to work well.  The staff of Randox would want to help the people getting the health checks as much as possible and would want them to feel as comfortable as possible.

To conclude, the way that Randox are currently carrying out this service, in my opinion, is the best way in which to do so.  If they’re was to be a more efficient way of doing so then they would have put it into practice by now.

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Week 7


In order to complete this weeks blog entry i first of all used www.google.com in order to gather the information I was looking for.  I first of all typed the word “game” into google, the website i am concentrating on, www.game.co.uk was top of the list of results.  When I typed game into Google the top two results referred to game.co.uk.  This would be extremely beneficial to the company as this shows that their business is easy to find for returning or potential customers.  Next, I typed in a few of the products that Game would sell on their website.  I wasn’t expecting the results to come back quite so high as the previous, as the products they sell are often manufactured by other companies.  I typed in the phrase, “playstation 3”, results from the game.co.uk website did not appear until page 15 of google.  This was expected as a large number of articles, reviews and also a large number of other business’ worldwide would sell this product.  The next item I typed in google was Fifa 11 as I know that Game sell this product on their website.  Result for this were displayed on the fifth page of google.  I didn’t expect for this product to be as high as this as, like the playstation 3, a lot of other references to this product would be present on the internet.  The third and final product/service related to game that i entered into google was the phrase, “games console”.  I expected this to have a very high return within the google results as the phrase contained the name of the business as well as a product that they sold.  This phrase returned fourth in the list of google results.  To conclude, i believe that most people who would be looking for the business would type in the word game into google in order to be directed to the right place, from my results in shows that game is very easily found if this word is used.  The only recommendations i would have regarding searching for game.co.uk would be to improve the key phrases used within the website in order for certain results to appear nearer the beginning of the results in google.

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Week 6


Online tools and techniques (If any) Recommendations for improvement (if Any)
Operational The game.co.uk website have a very good help section in which the customer can input a question in order for the website to give them an answer.  This would be useful if the customer needed an answer there and then. I cant seem to find an FAQ section within the website.  From personal experience i always found this usfeul and feel it would be good to have within this website.
Analytical Once you have logged into the game website the site can then suggest certain games or products to you.  For example, if you bought an online game, they would suggest a headset to speak online.  I find this a very usfeul feature. Like other websites, i feel that game should show customers, “people who bought this item also bought this….”.  This would be good as customers may not realise these other items are available to them.
Collaborative Game deal with loyalty cards in order to try and encourage their customers to spend more.  The more money they spend the more points they would get put onto their loyalty card for future use. An improvement that i would make would be to put a two way communication into place at all times, allowing for the customer to have assistance at all times.


The game.co.uk are constantly having sales or special offers.  This is an attempt to try and retain customers as best as they can.  They feel that if they offer products at the best possible price then people will want to return back to their website to take full advantage of these offers.  Another way in which game attempt to try and encourage people to come back to the website is to offer points for loyalty card holders.  They will often give these people specials offers that other ordinary customers would not get.  The game customers would keep returning as these offers would benefit them meaning the relationship between the customer and the business would improve.

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Week 5

The threat of substitute products and services:

There are other websites out there that offer the a similar kind of service to that of game.co.uk as they to would also sell and deliver games/games consoles.  As this is the case, game would have to maintain a high standard of customer service in order to to encourage customers to keep returning to their website rather than a different website.

The threat of the entry of new competitors (barriers to entry):

As the game industry is such a profitable area many new companies may try to start up business in this area.  As this often happens, it is important that game.co.uk keep their prices at a level that is both competitive but also appealing to customers so they would want to return and give their custom to game.co.uk in the future.  The game sales industry would be very hard to start up in as companies such as game.co.uk have such vast experience in this area.

The intensity of competitive rivalry:

In order for game.co.uk to remain as one of the most popular game selling companies around, they would have to keep introducing new and exciting innovations with their website and also promotions.  Other companies offering the same kind of service as game would try to be more innovative with their website in order to try and attract more potential customers to deal with themas apposed to business’ like game.  The rivalry between business’ can be a good thing as it could encourage a business to improve in order to be an ll round better business in order to be the best business in their sales area.

The bargaining power of customers/buyers:

With a business like game.co.uk bargaining power wouldn’t come into play as i would usually think bargaining power would work.  This is the case as a person couldn’t just walk into a shop and start to bargain over the price for a ps3 game.  Where a customers bargaining power would come into play would be with the reviews they would give about the company.  If a number of bad reviews were given to a business such as game, they could make some offers in order to regain the customers respect who gave the bad reviews in the first place.

The bargaining power of suppliers:

The suppliers who provide game.co.uk with their stock would be able to baragin with the price of the products to a certain extent.  This is the case as obviously the suppliers would want to get as much as the could but still be reasonable, on the other hand game would want to get their stock at the lowest price possible meaning they would gain a much higher profit after sales.  It is important that the suppliers keep a good relationship with the business as it would be easy for the business to change suppliers as the products they deal with would be readily available for purchase.

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Week 4

Q7.  After looking at game.co.uk’s terms and conditions i was able to gain information regarding their returns policy.  After reading the return policy i felt that it was very reasonable and i was familiar with some of their rulings as i have had to return products to game in the past.  The returns policy states that “All products must be returned with the original packaging.  Products should be posted in appropriate protective packaging.”  I feel this is fair as once the product is returned it would be sold on to another customer.  Another point made within the returns policy is that, “All products should be returned within 14 days of you cancelling your order. Until such time as they are returned to Us, you must retain possession of the items and take reasonable care of them.”  This again I feel is a very good call as it would be totally unfair to return an item in bad condition compared to what you received it and expect for it to adhere to the companies returns policy.  This returns policy is quite similar to other business’ like game.  For example, play.com states that returns should be taken place within 7 working days.

Q8.  After attending the lecture and learning more about such things as the social media, i feel it could be used to benefit Game.co.uk. I believe this is the case as the company could use social media’s such as facebook or twitter.  I stated in a previous blog entry that facebook had over 500 million users that Game.co.uk could potentially advertise to.  This could in return dramatically increase sales for the business if even a small percentage of these people were to go and visit the website.

Q9.   Cookies are, “Internet cookies are small pieces of information in text format that are downloaded to your computer when you visit many Web sites”.  The game website would use Cookies in some cases within their website.  They would use them in order to store shopping basket information.  The website would store anything you have added to your basket in previous visits to the website.  Game.co.uk would also use cookies to store details about the customer, details such as contact details and bank details for transactions to take place.  Cookies make using the game website easier for the customer during their visits.

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Week 3

Q4.  In order to find out inforamtion regarding www.game.co.uk some of teh provided websites were used to gain some statistics regarding my chosen website.  These sites would provide me with inforamtion such as what were the most popular entries to search engines in order to find game.co.uk.  www.alexa.com was used to find out that the most popular search entry input to find game.co.uk was the word “game”.  This was to be the most popular entry with 51.31%.  I was also able to find from www.attentionmeter.com that game.co.uk had 31,407 unique visitors which was a rise of 7.45% from last month.

Alexa.com was also used in order to compare some of game.co.uk’s potential competitors.  This was able to show me how game.co.uk’s monthly visitor count compared to that of other similar websites.  The information has been shown in the following link..

Q5.  As game carry a number of sales via the internet it is important that they have a system in place that can cope with the orders made.  Once the browser has reached the game website they can then choose the category they wish to purchase from, once they have selected this they will then have the chance to “add to basket”.  This will then mean that they have chosen this item to buy.  The customer can then view their basket in order to complete the transaction.  The customer will the be taken to a “checkout” .  You will then be given the choice to log in or to create a new account.  These accounts will usually hold payment details of the customer.  These details will be stored in a database so they will be remembered for future use.  Here is an image of the game checkout..

Q6.  In my opinion i feel that the use of mobile technology could make a big difference in the future regrading sales for game.co.uk.  This is the case as these sales can occur from outside of the home, uni or workplace.  The use of mobile devices will mean that sales can take place from places they usually wouldn’t.  This is appealing to potential customers and will attract them to make a purchase using this technology.

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Week 2

Q1: www.game.co.uk provides people with the opportunity to view their website in order see their wide range of games and other gaming items.  Game is one of the most popular business’ of its type as it just concentrates on selling everything to do with gaming, hence the company name.  Not only does game sell items online but they also have stores nationwide. 

Game cover all of the main games concoles therefore they are able to provide products to an extremely large number of customers.

Q2. In the year 2007 Game had around 4000 staff members in the uk.  These are staff memebrs who would work in the game stores as well as working for the online sales.  As there are so many stores located nationwide it is essential for the business to have a large work force employed.

Group turnover for the 52 weeks to 31 January 2007 increased by 24% to £801m (2006:£645m) with lfl sales up by 16%.  In 2009 game recorded revenue of £1,971.9 million worldwide.  This shows the huge increase that the business have experienced between these years.

Group operating profit was £33.0m (2006: £8.2m). International operating profits more than trebled to £6.1m (2006: £1.8m). Online operating profits more than doubled from £0.7m to £1.5m. Profit before tax was £29.5m (2006: £5.4m) and earnings per share were 6.25p (2006: 0.81p).  These figures show that there was a dramatic increase between 2006 & 2007.

These stats have been taken from the following game business document.  Game buiness details & Game wikipedia.

Q3.  Game deal with sales via both the web and also in their stores.  This means that overall they have a better chance of making money, but they will also have more expenses to cover such as staff and sales premises.  As game are also internet based this gives them a better opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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Week 1- Internet usage in the UK

Nowadays the internet can be accessed in many different ways.  Browsing the internet is no longer limited to pc use only, this is the case as people are now able to browse the worldwide web from their phones, games consoles and also their televisions.  As this is the case more people browse the internet as it has been made much easier for them to do so.  From personal experience i have found myself browsing the internet a lot more just because i am able to do so.  An example of this would be from when i was travelling to uni one day with a friend and i was browsing the internet whilst he was driving.  This shows just how far the internet has progressed.  The statistics also agree with my thoughts as i was able to find some stats regarding internet usage in the uk.  These stats show a progressive increase as the years go on.  From the stats i found on http://www.internetworldstats.com/eu/uk.htm i was able to see that internet usage increased from 48,755,000 in 2009 to 51,422,100 in  2010.  I feel that this has a lot to do with the improvements and progressions that have been made in technology in order for the internet to be more accessible to people.  The following chart gives an idea of peoples internet usage patterns:

The stats i have provided above show that 79.8% of the population in 2009 used the internet.  This compares to the 82.5% of the population  that was meant to have used the internet in 2010.

One of the main reasons for the increase in internet usage is because of the introduction of social networking sites.  Websites such as facebook allow people to keep in contact all over the world.  As this is the case facebook has been named as the most popular website in the world as it has over 400 million users worldwide.  These stat has been taken from http://toolbar.netcraft.com/stats/topsites and also http://mashable.com/2010/02/04/facebook-400-million/

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